Over 2 000,000 refugees have already arrived in Poland, and been welcomed with open arms. The aim of the SLOT HOSPITALITY NETWORK is to do more than provide a roof over their heads – we want to create a space of meeting and reciprocity between the refugees, their Polish hosts and the people from the West who may offer some financial support. The plan is to create local micro-models of long-term refugee integration. We hope to enable a model collaboration, in which everyone will be able to give and take.

Our objective is to create experimental “plots” in communities where our network of contacts is dense, so that new “seedlings” could find a beneficial microclimate. The plots would provide a space where the refugees from Ukraine could be warmly welcome, where they could find some means of support as long as they are in Poland, where they could, if only temporarily, strike roots, develop friendships and put their gifts on the table. We do believe everyone of them and everyone of us has something to share and offer.

Contrary to some other initiatives of the kind, the SLOT hospitality network is not anonymous but based on the existing relations between neighbors and SLOT friendships. We are experienced in collaborating and taking advantage of our diversity.

Now we are seeking volunteers for the Relay of Help to provide support for refugees who are already in Poland and for the families which have received them: https://forms.gle/7v32VdXbrNfXUxwGA

We have been collecting funds in the US to give directly to the refugees from Ukraine for their current needs and to support the families that offer them their hospitality.